Gaming Anniversaries October 5- Devil World

Released October 5, 1984- Devil World

Devil World launched in the Japanese market on this day in 1984. For the Nintendo Famicom!

Yet another Japan-only game released for the Famicom. This time it’s because of all the religious icons present in Devil World. Not to mention all of them mentions of the Devil.

Nintendo liked to closely guard the Nintendo name, and such things would never be seen in the North American market. which is a darn shame because we missed out on some great games! Like Devil World!

In Devil World, you’re a character that must make his way through a scrolling maze that’s being directed by the Devil himself. The gameplay is similar to that of Pac-Man, right down to the dots you collect along the way. Additionally, you will collect crosses to power up and destroy his evil minions. The game is also filled with bibles that you must collect in order to seal away the devil. All this, and it’s actually a pretty fun game!

It’s a darn shame we missed out on games like Devil World in North America. At least we can play it using ROMS!

Have you played this game? Let us know what you think of it down in the comments below!

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