Gaming Anniversaries May 7- DeathMatch Maker

Released on May 7, 1997- DeathMatch Maker

Released in 1997 for Windows and Dos PC’s. DeathMatch Maker isn’t strictly a game. In fact, it’s an add-on to the popular multiplayer game Quake.

Still, it’s importance cannot be overstated in the impact it had on gaming.

DeathMatch Maker is the first officially authorized modding software. iD games authorized and allowed the game to exist alongside its Quake franchise as a means for modders and would be game makers to develop new maps and playable areas.

The game allows players to choose from many pre-existing tilesets to build their very own map in Quake and unleash some punishment with friends. Choose from many pre-rendered 3D shapes and templates to develop the basis for your level. Additionally, the game features a library of textures and lighting tools to help you finish off your project and share it with friends. Without even launching Quake. DeathMatch Maker also came with several more editing tools in the pack. Such as Virtus Episode which expands a new set of connected levels. 

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