Gaming Anniversaries August 11- Chrono Trigger

Released August 11, 1995- Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger ground to the North American market on this day in 1995. For the Super Nintendo.

Chrono Trigger, Considered one of the best RPG’s on the Super Nintendo arrived on North American shores after a short time in Japan. The game originally released on March 11, making for one of the shortest localization times for an RPG on the System.

Developed by Square soft the game deserves all the high praise it received. Coupling a fantastical story with a great adventure and gameplay mechanics. The game is considered a masterpiece on the system.

In Chrono Trigger, players will follow the story of Chrono, or whatever players may choose to name their hero, through a series of events. Starting with a fun time meeting his friend Lucca the inventor at the Millenium Fair. She is about to show off her newest invention. A teleporter ray. While he waits for them to be finished setting up, Chrono meets someone at the fair. Someone who proves to be very important. A young girl named Marle.

After Lucca is finished setting up the teleporter, Marle decides to be the first one to try it out. However, her pendant causes a malfunction, opening a portal to a strange world. Chrono then decides it’s up to him to rescue her. However, the timelines have changed, causing some misadventure and forcing our hero to travel through different time periods to restore the balance.


The game is a classic JRPG with grinding and exploration elements. The main story is just the icing on the cake. Chrono Trigger can be played with real-time battle elements. Meaning choosing the menu does not stop the progression of the game. Or they may choose to have a slower paced adventure, where choosing the menu allows them to make decisions more carefully. To that end, the game allows for some freedom of choice for the player. Additionally, unlike other JRPG’s the game plays in a nonlinear fashion. Allowing for more freedom of movement throughout the story.

Chrono Trigger ultimately became so popular that it was re-released for several systems. Including the PlayStation and later for the Nintendo DS and has spanned sequels. Such as Chrono Cross, which another beast for another time.

If you haven’t played Chrono Trigger, today would be as good a day as any to finally get into what all the fuss is about.


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