Gaming Anniversaries May 24’th – Chack n Pop

Released May 24’th, 1985- Chack n Pop

Chack n Pop came to the Nintendo Famicom on this day in 1985.

Originally a Taito arcade game, Chack n Pop enjoyed success on many different consoles. Known as the prequel to Bubble Bobble because of it’s loose use of the recurring characters. The game is notable for its superb gameplay.

Users play as Mr. Chack’n, an adorable bird like creature with tiny wings and long legs. He had just a night out with the love of his life when evil “Monstas” appear and steal their hearts. That just won’t do because their hearts are a symbol of their everlasting love. Mr. Chack’n must save the hearts, confined in cages in each level. He can use bombs from either the left or right and can walk on floors and ceilings. Strangely, he can’t walk on walls. Even stranger still. He cannot jump, instead, his long legs allow him to stretch to reach high places.

Chack n Pop consists of nine levels which loop endlessly, as well a two player mode with alternating gameplay.



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