Gaming Anniversaries August 10- Breath of Fire

Released August 10, 1994- Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire hit the North American market on this day in 94. For the Super Nintendo.

America’s first introduction to the Breath of Fire franchise from Capcom was on this day.

This fantastic JRPG featured a rich story and addicting gameplay along with some cool 16-bit cut scenes we all came to know and love from the series.

Breath of Fire follows the story of a young wandered named Ryu. Who has come face to face with his own destiny.  He is a member of the Light Dragon Clan. After his sister is kidnapped, he must span the world to save her. Along the way, he learns he can transform into powerful Dragon entities. Ryu will also meet with several additional characters in the game. Including Wolf men and even princesses who will join him on his quest.

While the game is definitely a grind, its excellent graphics and play style make it something to behold. The game ultimately sold very well in both the Japanese and North American markets, leading to several further entries in the series. Sadly, however, the series hasn’t seen a release in North America since 2003. However, just last year in 2016, a new entry was brought to the Japanese market for Mobile and PC players known as Breath of Fire 6, perhaps we’ll see it in the West soon enough!

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