Gaming Anniversaries December 7- Baseball

Released December 7, 1983- Baseball

Baseball swung into the Japanese market on this day in 1983. For the Nintendo Famicom!

As far as sports titles go on the NES, the original black box release of Baseball is one of the best. Despite it being older than most games, Baseball managed to really grip into something. Especially in the western market. In Japan, it was also a mega hit system-selling game. An honor that most sports titles today, will never get.

The game utilizes play mechanics still found in related games today. However, it does not have any actual teams or player names for obvious reasons. The player can choose to play as one of 6 teams and can choose from a lineup of assorted pre-created characters. Taking it into the field, the player can hit, pitch and even play the outfield. The objective is simple as well as obvious. Score the most runs.

There are several modes of play, a 1-player vs CPU mode and a 2-player mode. So you can have a nice game of ball with your friends.

What many people don’t realize about Baseball and it’s early influence on the video-game market, is that it was instrumental in selling the NES to the North American side of the world. As with most games in the Black-Box series, it was one of the biggest sellers and something every American kid had to own!.

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