A Very Happy Birthday to Pokemon!

Happy Birthday Pokemon!

20 years ago you came about with the release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan.

Now, even here in the west, we are recognizing your importance within the video game world. Nintendo even announced two brand new games, which folks tried to pretend weren’t even real! Nintendo confirmed the announced in their Pokemon Direct episode yesterday. Welcome to the world Pokemon Sun and Moon!


In addition to this, Nintendo also released the three original games to mark the first 3DS virtual Console release in so many weeks. That’s right. You can now purchase Pokemon Blue Red and Yellow for your 3DS which folks have been pining for for so long now! Now with full trading and battling between wireless local infrastructure with your friends and Pokemon bank support. (We haven’t yet figured out how to use Pokemon bank for these titles**). The game will support the software for transfer into Pokemon Sun and Moon later! These games have a special place in my heart. I was diagnosed with Diabetes during the release and spent much of December that year in the hospital. In the months leading up I was pining for a GameBoy and a copy of Pokemon Red.



My wish came true on Christmas morning that year and I received a teal GameBoy color and a copy of Blue to go with it. I think I played through at least a hundred times and once a year ever since then. Now I will play them all again on a whole new system to say Happy Birthday to one of the few franchises that has stood the test of time between gamers young and old and is probably a huge reason I’m still playing video games today.


Incidentally, Pokemon almost didn’t happen according to this interview with Junichi Masuda (Via GamingLatest). We sure are glad it did after all!

So once again, download those OG Pokemon games on your Nintendo 3DS and let the past become the future to say a big Happy Birthday to one of our favorite franchises of all time!

I remember trying to get through Victory Road as a kid and just completely failing because my team wasn’t up to snuff, also not being able to figure out how to escape Cerulean City. Memories….and those damn trash cans at lieutenant surges gym! “Nope nothing but trash in here” OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I got you now… Surge. So lets get back to basics in the originals on new hardware in an official capacity. Considering how many times they’ve been pirated for emulation purposes on all sorts of hardware before!

Why not share your stories in the comments below! We’d love to hear them!





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