Gaming Anniversaries August 30- 10 Yard Fight

Released August 30, 1985- 10 Yard Fight

10 Yard Fight slammed into the Japanese market on this day in 1985. For the Nintendo Famicom.

A Football game made by a Japanese company unheard of in the US? YES. Irem produced an absolute classic sports title for the NES. However,m it is by no means perfect.

The idea in 10 Yard Fight is that players will control a football team. Not a licensed one mind you, just a team. In an effort to score a touchdown before the clock runs out. Players will start at low difficulty as a High School football team. If a touchdown is scored in both halves of the game at this level, the game will move on to the next level of difficulty. College Football. Additionally, there are several ways to increase time on the clock, such as getting first down or by throwing an interception. Further to that, players can add to their score by getting in a kick after a touchdown is scored. Fun!

Because 10 Yard Fight is all about scoring touchdowns, players will never get the chance to play Defense. Instead, it is strictly offense. However, in the 2-player game, players will alternate between defense and offense to switch the gameplay up a little bit.

The game is actually somewhat of a masterpiece on the NES. Players who simply aren’t interested in sports can feel just as comfortable in the NES version of 10 Yard Fight as a seasoned veteran of the sport.

Check it out today! It actually makes for a fun party game!

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