Zenimax being sued over use of “The Wanderer” in Fallout 4 ads.

Zenimax being sued over the use of the song “The Wanderer” in advertisements.

Zenimax being sued over use of music in ads.

Fallout 4 publisher Zenimax might think twice about choosing music for their ads now. Singer Dion DiMucci has launched a lawsuit against the company for putting his song “The Wanderer” in ads for the game.

The problem isn’t with the game itself, but with ads that seem to promote violence. The singer is seeking damages of 1 million dollars. Moreover he wants to remove all instances of his music from ads. Additionally, the artist contends he was not permitted to negotiate the deal and has not seen the ads prior to their use.

Zenimax has yet to comment on this situation. However its assumed they’ll be a little more careful next time pending the results.

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