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Yoshis Wooly World! And other great Wii U games.

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The Nintendo Switch has been out for a week now. It’s time to say goodbye to our old friend, our old enemy, our old console. The Nintendo Wii U.

The Wii U seems to have gotten itself a bad rep. Sadly, because its actually a fantastic and competent console. Still worthy of a spot on your TV stand. One of the biggest gripes with the console was the lack of third party support. Lets think back to the Nintendo Wii. There was TOO much third party support and not enough really great games outside of the Nintendo creations themselves. In one way, you could make the argument that the Wii U was trying to get back to being an actually good console. Sure there’s still plenty of not so great titles, but theres also piles of games that definitely warrant your attention. Lets take a look at some of the best on the system shall we?

Yoshi’s Wooly World

Yoshi’s Wooly World is an absolutely adorable puzzle platfiormer that’s both super simple and kid friendly, and extremely challenging for kids and adults alike. You play as one of many Yoshis trying to rescue the rest of the wool Yoshi’s who were changed into wool by Kameks evil spell. This has the player constantly on the lookout for secret areas, collecting gems and rubies and of course collecting wool. The game also reintroduces the Daisy flower bonus from the classic SNES game Yoshi’s Island. Yoshi’s Wooly World is filled with cute music, brilliant graphics and plenty of replay value. Definitely deserving of a spot of on your game shelf, and of course, in your console. Playing in Co-op mode adds a level of challenge and also reduces the challenge depending on how you play or who you play with. Players are able to hit each other, save each other, carry each other or use each other as weapons, leading to some anger and some relieved moments after a hard level.


Paper Mario Color Splash

If you’re a fan of the Paper Mario series and haven’t yet tried Color Splash, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice. Paper Mario Color Splash is a huge step up from the last 3DS game, Sticker Star and allows the players to explore the game more freely while still following the very linear RPG tropes found in other entries. The game has you playing as Paper Mario, out to save the kingdom from the evil Bowser who is using his minions to suck up all the color and paint in the world, scattering different color paint stars everywhere. To progress, players must find the paint stars and complete challenging stages as well as replay past stages and collect new cards for battles. Skill and timing is of the utmost importance. The graphics are in true Nintendo style and are absolutely brilliant. The music actually makes you want to keep playing and adds a level of addictiveness to the game earning Color Splash a top spot in the Wii U library.

Mario Kart 8

I don’t know even one gamer who doesn’t absolutely love the Mario Kart series. Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U was what brought the Wii U into a minor amount of popularity at all.  Adding some new unique tracks, some classic tracks and never before tried DLC material to the game. Mario Kart 8 should be a staple in any gamers library.

Super Mario Maker

Come on, we’ve all dreamed of designing our own impossible Mario Levels just to piss off our friends. The Wii U made that dream a reality with Super Mario Maker. Including the ability to share your creations and wreak havoc on the psyche of other gamers all around the world. Some sadistic players have spent months designing some of the cruelest levels you could ever hope to play in the series. The Wii U would lose a little bit of its already faded and ill fated luster were it not for this game.

Super Smash bros

I’d be remiss if I didnt add Super Smash Bros to this list. The iconic series created a rage of gamers who couldn’t find the classic fight pad, still playing tournaments and releasing content for the system today. Super Smash Bros triggered an overwhelming craze of popularity for the Wii U, unfortunately in the end it was somewhat short lived.


Splatoon is an incredibly popular paintball game. The Switch has a splatoon 2 re;easing soon, however if you need to play now you can. The Wii U makes that totally possible. Tournaments are played, some dreams are crushed and lots of fun is had. If you haven’t played Splatoon yet. Grab yourself a used Wii U and give it a shot!

Summing up

These are just a few of the gems available on the Wii U. There are tons more to discover and find of course. Sadly the Wii U is no longer available at retailers. Nintendo officially pulled the plug. It took a little longer than the Virtual Boy at least. And let’s not forget. You can still play the newest edition of The Legend of Zelda on the console. Its still worth giving a shot today. Despite the fact its technically dead in the water. The Wii U even brought the Amiibo craze into the world. Adding additional functionality to some of the games above and dozens more. If you missed the boat, take the train and grab one wherever you can find one. There’s bound to be plenty of used ones available now the the Nintendo Switch has officially been released! Overall, the Wii U has let a lot of people down. But not this guy, and I’m sure fans of the console are still itching for more great games or some new content. For now they’ll have to be satisfied with whats available. And keep playing Breath of the Wild!





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