Gaming Anniversaries August 26- Xexyz

Released August 26, 1989- Xexyz

Xexyz blasted into the Japanese market on this day in 89′. For the Nintendo Famicom.

Xexyz is a mixed-genre type game on the NES with an interesting story. The year is 2777. Due to War and natural disaster, the earth’s population has dwindled to nearly nothing. There are now only 5 islands left on the entire planet that support life. These islands are known as the country of Xexyz. Where Humans live peacefully alongside other creatures such as Fairies and even spirits.

However, one day, the country is attacked by the evil Goruza. He murders the king, props up his own castles on each island and kidnaps each queen. It is now up to a young soldier named Apollo to take the charge in defeating Goruza. In order to restore peace to what is left of their world.

To that end, Apollo will complete levels on each island with multiple different gameplay genres. The mix in play helps to keep the game engaging. Players can expect to find Side Scrolling shooting play, as well as Platforming and jumping puzzles akin to Super Mario Bros. Additionally, there is currency in the form of Balls that players can trade in to gain new equipment. Increasing the strength of our hero Apollo.

Xexyz quickly proves itself as one of those games that is a diamond in the rough. Players may even confuse the name of the game with that of a very standard shooter. Which to be fair, it really sounds like. However, it’s a fairly excellent game. You owe it to yourself to give it a try as a fan of retro games. If nothing else, it’s certainly something different.

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