Gaming Anniversary June 18- VS Wrecking Crew

Released June 18, 1985- VS Wrecking Crew

VS Wrecking Crew found its way to the Nintendo Famicom in Japan on this day in 1985.

VS Wrecking Crew is an interesting action platformer game released in the early days of the Famicom in Japan. Players take the role of Mario or Luigi and must destroy entire buildings. After each building is destroyed, players move to the next. Further, each building increases in difficulty as you progress. Additionally, each level contains puzzle elements. Players must destroy the walls in the buildings in such a way that they don’t get stuck.

The game also has various enemies that will try to stop Mario or Luigi from finishing the job. They include monsters and even for some reason, the foreman. This can be especially difficult as neither character can jump due the weight of the hammers.

The game sold very well. Allowing for a sequel in Japan only for the Super Famicom known as Wrecking Crew 98′.



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