The Worlds Biggest Pacman is the Mario Maker of PacMan for PC!

Hundreds of user-created maps in Worlds Biggest PacMan

The internet holds a lot of gaming secrets. Some of them are very strange. Some of them are totally awesome and some of them are just boredom killers. World’s Biggest Pacman seems to be aiming to be all of those things.

World’s Biggest Pacman is hundreds of mazes of PacMan goodness.

Using your Facebook account, users can create new mazes to play Pac-Man. Often creating some of the most bizarre combinations of styles and almost impossible mazes. The creativity of the user base is not to be underestimated.

Additionally, players can choose to not link to a FaceBook account. Allowing you to just play for fun.

Besides creating mazes, users are treated to hundreds of other user created levels. Some of which are impossible to beat, often involving Pac-Man being stuck in a wall being chased down by hordes of ghosts. Others are fine and look like other games. Such as a Pac-man X Space Invaders level I found while digging through the mazes.

Moreover, the game is entirely based on HTML 5 and appears to have been developed by Soap Creative, Namco Bandai as well as Microsoft in 2011. That’s a fair bit before the release of Mario Maker on the Wii U. But it’s the closest thing that came to mind. It’s playable on nearly anything as far as I can tell.

The site is fully functional and counts a leaderboard split by country and an overall worldwide board. Stating how many lives are lost, ghosts are eaten and mazes played. Currently standing over 100,00 mazes played.

Sadly, I only learned about Worlds biggest PacMan today. Otherwise, that number would be much higher. However, if you like PacMan, definitely give some of these levels a try. You may surprise yourself by creating something amazing.

If you did try it, why not leave your thoughts down below!?

No doubt you want to try it right? Now you can, right HERE

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