Win a Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom

Win a Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom!

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You can win a Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom!

Looking for a chance to Win a Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom edition? You can right here!

All you have to do to win is head over to <– Link is right there, and follow a few very simple steps, including checking out various portions of the awesome import website.

Play-Asia is the leading import website from Japan. Specializing in Games, Books, Magazines and even retro gear! Any fan of gaming should be shopping there already. In addition to all that, they also carry Asian version of games you just can’t get in the west. All of this, and they’re giving away a Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom Edition! What’s not to love right? So, if you missed out on an NES Classic Edition and really need something to scratch the itch before the SNES Classic Edition comes out, why not give it a shot. No purchase is required to enter whatsoever. Again, that link is right here! –> 

The contest ends at the end of the month, if you’re quick, you just might win! In the meantime, check out my unboxing of both the NES Classic Edition and the Mini Famicom to satiate your appetite.


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