Gaming Anniversaries October 28- Whatever We Decide to Call This Game

Released October 28, 1990- Whatever We Decide to Call This Game

Whatever We Decide to Call This Game slid into the market worldwide on this day in 90′. For DOS computers!

Let’s be honest. We’ve all been a little bit curious about text-based adventure games, right? They were all the rage in the 80’s and many even came out in the 90’s. Such as this absolutely strange one we happened to stumble upon.

Whatever We Decide to Call This Game is a release from 1993 that surely triggered the imagination of many at the time. Players will take on the role of a freshman. Just starting out at Tumbulgum University. There are three tasks to complete on the very first day of class. However, they may be a little more difficult than you first thought. Players will type on the screen to indicate where the character will go, additionally, you will have to leave certain buildings and visit others. The game will give you descriptions of where you are, what you are looking at and then finally ask you “What Now?”

Text adventures are extremely basic, contain no graphics, but all the best ones are brilliant at triggering the imagination of the players. It’s like a “make your own story” type of book but told for you and expectant of what you will do. You can lose, win and complete tasks, it justs takes some imaginative thinking.

How do you feel about text-adventures? Too basic for you? Let us know in the comments!

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