Gaming Anniversaries May 16- Warcraft II : Beyond the Dark Portal

Released on May 16’th, 1996, Warcraft II : Beyond the Dark Portal

Brought to DOS PC’s on May 16’th of 1996, Warcraft II : Beyond the Dark Portal.

One of my favourite strategy games of all time, that’s getting increasingly harder to play as time goes on.

In Beyond the Dark Portal, players enjoy a continuation of the Tides of Darkness storyline. The Orcs have taken over after the second war and are currently guarding the portals. You must stop them from achieving their goals of domination and defeating the Alliance.

The game adds several new campaigns and multiplayer maps to the original game.

Warcraft II : Beyond the Dark Portal allowed the original game to be continuously popular and lead to the sequel Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, making it one of Blizzard’s top-selling games of the time. Sadly, World of Warcraft sealed it’s fate as it seems there won’t be any new editions in the franchise after all this time.



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