The 3 Kinds of Video Game Immersion- P1-Start

Video Game Immersion

There are at least three kinds of Video Game immersion, which one do you enjoy the most?

In the world of video games, trying to figure out what you want to play can be difficult. Especially if you’re a big-time collector, and sometimes, even if your collection is only a few games. It really doesn’t matter how big the collection is because it’s so easy to find yourself completely immersed in an experience. A lot of us play games because we just need an escape from the sad daily life we live and some play games for party entertainment. Here are the three kinds of video game immersion that I can think of at least.

      1. Escapist Type Immersion.

This type is playing games that you enjoy because you just got off another crappy day of work or school and just need to unwind. Oftentimes, people will play shooters to get out their aggression on the digital battlefield. Fighting games will also work, and sometimes racing games. When you find yourself tilting with the controller, you know you’ve been immersed into something great for the time your playing it.

      2. Passive Immersion

This one is pretty straightforward, perhaps you’re watching TV and break out your phone to play a quick game of Tetris or Candy Crush or something. A lot of people in this hobby wouldn’t even consider those video games because they’re so “casual” but guess what, they are, and you’re passively immersed in them, waiting for the next world to unlock or just can’t beat one level. Additionally, passive immersion can be the “one more level” problem. Where you just need to finish one more before you go to bed or turn on the next episode.

      3. Deep Immersion

When you’re in this state of video game immersion, hardly anyone can speak to you. I’m experiencing this type when it comes to Monster Hunter World, in fact, it might be all three types, which is the case for many different games. I find myself feeling like I’m falling when my character is and sometimes feel like if I take my controller and throw it, it will hit the monster. However, this type can be dangerous as well. I found myself unable to move away from the game. Which is kind of funny, because I really had to pee. Furthermore, I didn’t want to eat. Make sure if you feel yourself becoming deeply immersed, you find sustenance and go to the bathroom. No one likes a Poopsocker. 

Some games are absolutely notorious for becoming all three types. Such as World of Warcraft and even games like Civilization. Is there any that you’ve experienced in this way? Let us know in the comments down below!

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