Gaming Anniversaries October 24- Vectorman

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Released October 24, 1995- Vectorman

Vectorman sprung into the Noth American market on this day in 95′, For the Sega Genesis!

The robots have become sentient after replacing the Orbots leaders head with an atomic bomb. All maintenance robots have been ordered to cease cleaning and begin making weapons. The plan is to take control of the planet and destroy the humans.

Fortunately, one robot was out of range of the communications. A sludge barge pilot known as Vectorman! It’s up to Vectorman to stop the other robots and destroy the leader now known as “WarHead”.

Vectorman is a platform side-scrolling shooter type game with some very interesting mechanics. Within the time limit, players must traverse a level, defeating robot enemies and find the exit into the next level. Along the way, you will face various types of bosses and see tons of super weapons that are sure to power up your gameplay experience. Additionally, just to change it up a bit, there are several top-down levels scattered throughout the game. Requiring players to transform into different things in order to defeat a boss. Moreover, some levels will have high, hard to reach platforms that will hide additional power-ups. Such as multipliers and even extra time.

Speaking of power-ups, occasionally, some burnt out TV’s will appear in the level. often containing more power-ups, such as upgrades to your gun and more to transform you from Vectorman to something a little different.

Lots of Marketing and a contest

When Vectorman was released, it was followed by a huge promotional contest. Sega would offer up $25, 000 as a grand prize. Additionally, there were numerous other prizes. The goal of the contest was to beat Vectorman without using cheats. Upon doing so, a message would appear on the screen and you would call a number to register as a winner. Ultimately, the winner received the cash, a VIP tour of Sega US and even a starring role in a TV ad. Surely, every kid dream at the time.

The game not only managed to do well with Sega fans, it also did well with critics. EGM gave it an 8.25/10. Furthermore, they praised the games animations and general gameplay as being something to behold. For sure Vectgorman is a game not to be missed by any retro fan today!

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