Gaming Anniversaries November 10- Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

Released November 10, 1995- Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal fired up the North American market on this day in 1995. For the Sony PlayStation.

Twisted Metal is one of those games that doesn’t really need any introduction. It’s pure unadulterated destruction perfected in video game form. However, here’s the story anyway.

Every year, a stranger named Calypso sends out messages to the worlds greatest drivers. inviting them to compete in a high stakes tournament known as Twisted Metal. The drivers will use armored cars with mounted weapons and highly destructive capabilities in order to fight to the death. For a chance to gain an audience with the mysterious Calypso and be granted any wish they might desire.

To that end, players will select one of 12 available cars. The end goal is to destroy all other vehicles on the road, and each one handles a little differently. There are some bizarre choices too. Players can choose a big beefy vehicle such as an ice cream truck, or a small one like a little red sports car.  Whichever vehicle you choose, they all have the same mounted machine guns with unlimited ammunition. Additionally, there are other weapons scattered throughout each race that add to your capabilities for a short time. Such as rockets and bombs. It’s always a good idea to choose wisely, as handling can make or break you, but acceleration can get you out a jam quickly.

Moreover, there is a 2-player cooperative mode. Each player will team up to destroy other drivers and win the ultimate prize.

Twisted Metal is one that simply can’t be ignored in your PlayStation collection.

Have you tried it? Let us know if you have any fond memories in the comments below!

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