Gaming Anniversaries January 4- TwinBee

Released January 4, 1986- TwinBee

TwinBee shot into the Japanese market on this day in 1986. For the Nintendo Famicom!

TwinBee is a fantastic and cute little shooter produced by Konami. The game is vertical scrolling and the player will control cartoony little spacecraft with anthropomorphic arms. Moreover, the game is 2-players. Where player one will control TwinBee and player 2 will control WinBee. Quite creative little names there eh?

The controls are simple. One button will shoot enemies in the sky and the other will drop bombs on enemies on the ground. Additionally, by shooting clouds in the sky, players can collect powerups in various forms. Such as bonus point, twin cannons, and increased ship speed. However, some power-ups can’t be combined, while others are special and will increase the ship’s power when combined with others. Making for a strategic decision-making game that you might not expect.

TwinBee is also unique in its damage taking. Unseen in other games, a shot taken in the middle of the ship will destroy it, however, shots in the arms will mean that one cannon won’t shot, and shots in both arms will mean the player can no longer drop bombs against ground enemies. When this occurs, an ambulance has to fly in to repair your ship. When this occurs in two player mode, both ships are stopped for a time. Further, in two player mode, you can join arms with each other and fire a super blast.

I don’t believe I’ve seen similar mechanics in other games. I could be wrong. Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed TwinBee!


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