Gaming Anniversaries August 4- Twin Cobra (Kyūkyoku Taigā, Extreme Tiger)

Released August 4, 1989- Twin Cobra

Twin Cobra blasted into the Japanese market on this day in 89′. For the Nintendo Famicom.

Twin Cobra is another vertical shoot-em-up game for the Famicom.

This one is a spiritual successor to the game Tiger-Heli. Players take control of the TC-17 attack copter nicknamed Twin Cobra. To help fight the war against the forces of Kaban. Lead by Commander Tanziga, their leader.

Players will fight against other attack copters as well as tanks and stationary guns. Additionally, scattered across levels are different colored power ups that allow you to change weapons. Such as a spread shot or a straight laser shot.

Upon finishing each level, players will automatically land on an aircraft carrier and collect bonuses. Increasing your score.

The gameplay is fairly simple and very akin to games such as 1942. Making for fast paced, easy to maneuver levels keeping players coming back for more. In the graphics department, however, it needed a little more work. Certain weapons and enemy ships don’t quite look right. Even for an 8-bit game. It just looked kind of basic. Twin Cobra is still a game I would recommend to fans of the vertical scrolling genre, however. If for no other reason that its easy and straightforward gameplay. However, there are better games.

If you haven’t tried Twin Cobra, give it a shot, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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