The Backlog Problem

The gaming backlog always looks daunting.

Gamers. How often do you find yourself walking into a game store, browsing through one of the many online game retailers or just checking eBay for a new deal on a game you know just came out? Maybe you check local classifieds or make deals with local people or those you find online with similar interests. Consider how many times you do that in the run of a week, a month or a year. Now, consider how much time you actually have to devote to playing that game.

Soon enough, you end up with a massive backlog of unfinished and even sometimes, unopened games. Games you haven’t even fully installed or games still wrapped on your 3DS. Sadly, these pile up as you continue to collect more and more games leaving your living room looking like a hoarders paradise.

Personally, I have about 60 or so games I haven’t even touched spanning many generations. Some games I did start up and did enjoy for the 15 minutes or so I had to play a game. Some games I just picked up because they were cheap and others I had genuine interest in but something else came up at the time.

Sadly this left me with a dilemma. What to play?

Then, then you look at the steam library. Over 250 games and only one I’ve played for any length of time. (Civilization V). “Why the heck do I keep doing this?” I ask myself. Knowing the answer full well. I love the collection. The collection is almost a part of the game. As crazy as that sounds. I often sit down to play a game and just stare at my shelf before deciding to just pick up a crappy mobile game and crush some candy for a few minutes or something.

As it stands, I will have to live two or three times to play the games already on my shelf. To make things worse, more keep coming and there’s more I don’t have! I want them all though!

Oh well, at some point the backlog will be just an idea, The games will last as long as I do anyway. Someone will play them. Even if it isn’t me.

What does your backlog look like? Have you seriously neglected your games to the point where you really don’t know whats on your shelf anymore?

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