Gaming Anniversaries August 24- Taito Corporation

Taito Corporation Was Founded on August 24, 1953. By Micheal Kogan.

Taito Corporation had some humble beginnings, which spawned into a huge multi-million dollar company, very quickly.

The company started as a small business. Importing amusement machines in 1953. Including importing simple claw and vending machines. By 1960 Taito Corporation had begun creating their own machines.

In a rather quick turnaround, the company became one of the first companies to develop their own video game systems. And created their own version of Pong in 1973, entitled “Soccer”.

Of course, this wasn’t the end of their adventure into video games. In fact, this would just be the very beginning. The company went on to create some mega hits. Including games like Space Invaders, which became a worldwide phenomenon and is still greatly enjoyed today. In fact, Taito still manages to produce new versions for just about every system one can think of. Additionally, the company spearheaded the development of games like the charming Bubble Bobble and even Arkanoid. Some truly fantastic games. They produced special controllers for Arkanoid, had a hand in the creation of paddle controllers, and supplied boards to other companies as well.

So where are they now?

Taito didn’t just release excellent Arcade games either. They developed games for everything. Quite literally. They are still producing games today for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It’s a little hard to imagine what the video game world might look like without some of the biggest names in Arcade and home console entertainment. Most people can’t fathom what it may be like without other developers such as Capcom. However, poor Taito gets overlooked, which is an absolute travesty.  The company is responsible for some of the biggest names in Video Game entertainment today, and yesterday, and to be quite honest, should be a household name.

Having entered the video game world long before Nintendo considered Mario, it’s a bit surprising that it isn’t regarded with the same high praise as it deserves. Taito will live on forever at this rate. Hundreds of excellent games later.

Odd’s are, you probably played a good many games produced by them. If you really don’t think you have, here are a few you should totally check out right now.

Space Invaders

Bust a Move

Bubble Bobble

Rainbow Islands

Power Blade 2

Pocky and Rocky

Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

These are just a place to start. When you feel you’ve played a sufficient amount of games by this great company, Reccomend some more in the comments below!

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