The Nintendo Switch Shattered Some Sales Records

Nintendo Switch Shattered Some Sales Records

This may be some late news, but it’s still impressive nonetheless. The Nintendo Switch shattered some sales records. At least in the US.

The Nintendo Switch is an absolutely fantastic console. Its half handheld, half console, all great device. To that end, in just 10 months it’s already shattered the previous sales records held by the Nintendo Wii ten years ago.

The Switch sold 4.8 million units compared to the previous Wii’s record of 4 million units. Making this one of the biggest years ever for Nintendo. Literally ever. Even the most famous console in existence, the Nintendo NES only sold a few hundred thousand overall. That’s pretty wild.

One could chalk all of this up to marketing, which was on-point for the new super system by Nintendo. Coupling that with some great word of mouth and one of the strongest first-party software lineups in history, it was a recipe for pure unmitigated success.

That’s not all, the 4.8 million is only in the US. Worldwide, the company sold over 10 million Nintendo Switch systems. The company had originally planned to sell over 14 million units its first year, it’s on par already of course, and with huge software lineups in the pipelines, it’s sure to happen.

After the huge failure that was the Nintendo Wii U, who in its entire lifetime hasn’t sold near the numbers Nintendo is talking about, now may be the time to be investing in the Big N.

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