Gaming Anniversaries August 27- Super Mario Kart

Released August 27, 1992- Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart raced into the Japanese market on this day in 1992. For the Super Famicom.

Super Mario Kart, Nintendo’s first entry in the iconic Mario Kart franchise had players racing their beloved characters in a series of different races and modes.

The game used Mode 7 scaling to create a crisp racing experience on the 16-bit console. Players could choose one of eight of their favourite characters to race with, each one having their own unique differences. Such as Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and even Bowser.  Based on the characters weight and Kart type. However, while racing, players could collect coins and other power-ups to increase their speed and hinder other players.

Super Mario Kart included four Grand Prix championships. Tracks are based on the Super Mario World and included arenas such as Bowser’s Castle and Ghost House. Additionally, there are multiplayer modes as well as time trials where players would compete against the clock.

The game sold extraordinarily well. Selling over nine million copies worldwide. Becoming the third best selling game on the Super Nintendo.

The Super Mario Kart series is ongoing. With each release comes more improvements. The latest of which being Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch.

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