Gaming Anniversaries May 1- Super Mario Bros’ Deluxe

Released May 1, 1999 – Super Mario Bros Deluxe

Released in the US for the GameBoy Color in 1999, Super Mario Bros’ Deluxe was the first entry for the GameBoy Color.

A near identical remake of the 1985 Super Mario Bros on the NES system with some updated graphics for the GameBoy Color. As a secret bonus on the cart, Super Mario Bros Deluxe also included a copy of the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2, entitled “The Lost Levels”. One of the main differences between the original game and this version 14 years later. Is the addition of a Save feature. Additionally, a world map was added.

The game included several more added features. Including a high score sharing feature that used the infrared port on the GameBoy Color. As well as some other multiplayer features such as a VS mode.

You can check out the commercial for the game right here!


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