Gaming Anniversaries October 23- Super Mario Bros 3

Released October 23, 1988- Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros 3 flew into the Japanese market on this day in 88′, For the Nintendo Famicom!

North American retro gamers look back on the release of Super Mario Bros 3 with great fondness. It was the very beginning of the 90’s. But in Japan, they got the game two full years earlier. In 1988.

The game is synonymous with retro gaming. If you haven’t played it, you haven’t really experienced what the NES has to offer. Super Mario Bros 3 brought in a new wave of Mario megafans the world has never seen and for great reasons.

The game stars the usual hero, Mario and his brother Luigi as they travel across the Mushroom kingdom stomping out enemy after enemy and boss after boss to restore order to each world. As Koopa’s have stolen the eight magic wands that bring peace to the world. Further to that, Bowser has taken advantage of this time to kidnap the Princess Peach once again! It’s up to the brothers to stop him in his evil tracks and restore peace to the world again.

The gameplay is much the same from the original Super Mario Brothers and yet so different. Players will get to choose which level in an overworld type format. Additionally, there are several minigames to play. Each world and each level feels very different from the last one. Some will auto scroll on screen forcing you to keep moving, some will take place mostly in the air, some on ships and some in the desert. There is even a world of giant monsters to defeat and underground and underwater levels. The world feels absolutely huge, even in the bite-sized levels its fed to you in.

Super Mario Bros 3 also introduces new mechanics, Mario can fly using the raccoon tail leaf power-up, jump and swim faster with the frog suit and even hop around in a bouncing boot! To that end, the sheer amount of imaginative gameplay never really stops. Further to that, the game seems to take place on a stage play type atmosphere.

Moreover, Super Mario Bros 3 is considered one of the greatest games of all time, with lots of fan theories and things to discover at every turn, It’s not hard to consider just why that might be.

Is Super Mario 3 one of your favorites? let us know in the comments down below!

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