Gaming Anniversaries October 31- Super Castlevania IV

Released October 31, 1991- Super Castlevania IV

Super Castlevania IV terrified the Japanese market on this day in 1991. For the Super Famicom!

Super Castlevania IV is actually something of a remake of the first Castlevania game in the series. Set in 1691, players will take on the role of Simon Belmont the vampire hunter as he traverses the labyrinth that is Dracula’s castle.

Despite the plot of the game being near identical, Super Castlevania IV utilizes new level layouts and several new game systems. Additionally, there are several introductory stages that will show the advancement of Simon on his quest.

The gameplay is much the same. Simon will use his whip or other weapons collected along the way to defeat enemies. You must also complete the level in a time limit. The game is fairly linear of course. However, there are some alternate pathways you may take. This allows you to find hidden things or shorter ways tog et through each level. Simon can also use his whip to cross areas inaccessible by jumping. Furthermore, Simon can destroy portions of the scenery.

Overall, the game is an absolute masterpiece on the Super Famicom and the Super Nintendo respectively. The absolutely perfect Halloween title to boot! Luckily for us, the series continues and this particular entry in the franchise is available via the Super Nintendo Classic Edition! 

How did you feel about Super Castlevania IV? Let us know in the comments below!

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