Gaming Anniversaries April 28- Super Bomberman

Released April 28, 1993, in Japan -Super Bomberman

The classic series Super Bomberman seen its debut on the Super Famicom in Japan on this day in 1993.

Super Bomberman is the classic multiplayer game. The first title on the system to feature 4 player control using the special Super Nintendo “Super Multitap” accessory. The multitap came bundled with the game.

The gameplay is simple and addictive. Players will battle on a single screen to become the last man standing. With this in mind, players will use bombs that will send a flame horizontally or vertically. If caught in the blast, your bomber dies. Additionally, players will find special items that are dropped at random in order to increase their capability. Including, a boxing glove that knocks enemies away, or a remote-detonated bomb. The game instantly became a beloved classic and seen many different iterations through the years.

Including just recently, the release of Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch.

Enjoy this cute Japanese commercial I just dug up on Youtube!




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