Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo AND Sega! A Netflix service for games

Each of these companies now or will soon have a Netflix-style subscription games service.

It’s been a wild week for gaming news. As it usually is leading up to the E3 hubbub. The most notable of this news has been an announcement from three companies about a subscription model to older titles.

PlayStation Now has been around for a long time now. The service allowed users to pay about $20 a month to play hundreds of games from the PlayStation 3 era on their PlayStation Vita and PS4 consoles. The service was pretty great. Microsoft must have noticed, because not to be undone, this week they launched Xbox GamePass. A service that allowed users to pay just $10 a month for hundreds of games from the Xbox 360 and even the Xbox ONE system. Even allowing players to buy the games they’re enjoying on the service at a discount and a discount on any DLC associated with the title.

With all of this, it’s hard to imagine another system getting even better. However, Sega announced a new service called Sega Forever. While this one is likely to be Mobile-only, its said that it could be a subscription game service for a library of classic titles from the company. There are a lot of absolutely fantastic Sega games that could be really enjoyable on mobile. We now even know that Dreamcast games run pretty well, as the company recently made the game Crazy Taxi totally free on iOS and Android.

Nintendo Netflix??

Now for the coup-de-grace, Nintendo. Many people will remember that the big-N’s original intention with their online service was to release ONE free classic game, complete with online play to players every month. Moreover, that game could only be played through the course of that month. Well, just last night, they announced that they scrapped that plan. Now, the service will include a huge library of classic games, with unlimited playability for as long as you have an active subscription. What’s more, its just $20 a month. Currently, the plan is to have the service for NES games to start with. They haven’t yet ruled out the possibility of SNES games on the service yet. Apparently, it’s still under consideration.

What do you think? Would you pay for any or all of these services? Personally, I’m more excited for the Nintendo subscription. If for no other reason than the added online play.


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