Gaming Anniversaries August 3- Splatterhouse 2

Released August 3, 1992- Splatterhouse 2

Splatterhouse 2 hit the North American market on this day in 92′. For the Sega Genesis.

The sequel to one of the goriest games of the 16-bit world made its way to the Sega Genesis on this day in 92′.

Splatterhouse 2 takes place 3 months after Rick’s escape from Splatterhouse. You’re now plagued with a recurring dream of Jennifer. Crying out for you to return and rescue her. Suddenly, the mask from the Splatterhouse appears. It promises that there is still time to rescue her. You don the mask. Completely aware that it will fill you with rage and a thirst for blood. But it’s all to rescue her.

Splatterhouse 2 is heavily influenced by gory horror movies such as Evil Dead 2 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There are 8 levels in total. Players will control Rick as he makes his way back through the Splatterhouse to rescue Jennifer. You have several attacks at your disposal including punching and kicks, Additionally, scattered across the ground are melee weapons, such as lead pipes, shotguns, bones, and knives. Further, there is a chainsaw, which rips through enemies for the ultimate in gory 16-bit video game scenes.

Splatterhouse 2 didn’t do quite as well as the first game. However, it still struck some fanfare with the horror movie market. The game lost a lot of points for simply not being something different from the first game. As we’ve seen it all before at this point.


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