Sony settles Other OS lawsuit, It’s your chance to cash in

Other OS class action settled

If you’re anything like me (a huge nerd), and owned the PS3 before April of 2010 and decided to immediately take advantage of the powerful Linux Other OS feature. You can now cash in.

Sony has officially settled the class action lawsuit set against them for the removal of the “Other OS” feature on the PlayStation 3. Amazingly, if you had simply planned to use the feature you’re entitled to receive up to $9. If you can provide proof of purchase of the PS3 with proof you used the feautre. You are eligible to receive up to $55 from the company. While not many of us usually hold onto old receipts from 6-7 years ago, those that did can now finally use them for something good. Prove that sometimes hoarding is ok.

The sad part is, I actually did use the feature on my PS3 to install Yellow Dog Linux. It was a great deal of fun having it all work. The really sad part? I actually just recently threw out the original receipt from my 2008 purchase thinking “Why the heck would I ever need this again”. Its amazing what you might find in an old cabinet.

Anyway, a user who was smart enough to hold onto it can now cash in. So go get your $50 worth of sheer disappointment and have a beer for me!

Source: Garden City Group LLC. OTHER OS SETTLEMENT



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