Gaming Anniversaries September 23- Sonic CD

Released September 23, 1993- Sonic CD

Sonic CD sped into the Japanese market on this day in 93′. For the Sega CD add-on.

Sure, some will say there were few good games on the Sega CD, but Sonic CD is a real stand out. Sega switched up the gameplay a little bit in this one.

Sonic CD has our hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, travelling to a little spot called Never Lake with his girlfriend Amy. However, upon arrival, they notice that the planet of legend above the area is now covered in metal chains. It turns out that Sonic’s arch nemesis Dr Robotnic has taken it over and is using its power to alter the passage of time. Moreover, he has created a brand new enemy for Sonic to face. Metal Sonic, which is every bit as powerful as Sonic but made of metal! He kidnaps Amy and disappears!

It’s up to Sonic to explore the little planet, collect its seven jewels and travel through time itself to defeat Metal Sonic, rescue his lady friend and stop Robotnic’s evil plan!

Sonic CD is a very fast paced action platformer game unlike any other in the series. In his travels, Sonic will collect power-ups such as Sonic Shoes which speed up the gameplay along with protective shields and rings. Furthermore, he can utilize his spin-dash attacks and the Super Peel Out ability. Along each level, there are checkpoints, and depending on the player’s actions, this time they will change the level from either a good version or a bad version of the future. So be extra careful! At the end of each level is, of course, a boss battle, which is sure to be epic in proportions!

Was Sonic CD Well Received by Critics?

The game was very successful on release and has been named the best game for the Sega CD. Moreover, it’s re-releases has also received critical acclaim with the iOS version getting scores of 93/100! Sonic CD is considered one of the greatest video games of all time still to this day.

Have you given this epic a shot yet? Why not try and let us know what you think down below!

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