Someone has finally hacked PlayStation Vita!

Yes. Someone has Hacked PlayStation Vita

It’s simple, easy and its glorious. If your PlayStation Vita has been updated to 3.60 and you thought you were never going to be able to truly get the most content out of it. Someone has proved you wrong.

Just like when the PSP was updated via official firmware 2.60, version 3.60 of the PlayStation Vita opened the floodgates to new exploits and hacks and enabled the creation of a piece of software known as Henkaku. Users coming from the PSP scene may remember a hack known as ChickHEN. Would you believe this one is actually easier to perform on your PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV system? Heres a full tutorial on how to get yourself a hacked PlayStation Vita

Step 1: Make sure you have a Vita or a PlayStation TV updated to version 3.60.

Step 2: Navigate via the Vita’s browser to

Step 3: Select the “Install” button wait a few moments. Your Vita will restart and a new icon will appear on the dashboard.

You’re all set!

Greatest Features

The best part about all of this, it allows users to once again Whitelist games that the PlayStation TV was for some reason not able to play. Such as my most recent gripe with Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS. Simply install the file via FTP and start playing all your new whitelisted Vita games on the PlayStation TV. Henkaku also allows users to install Emulators such as the ever popular RetroARCH and play most classic games on your micro console.

Installing apps is simple to. Go to the Vita’s live area screen and scroll to the new bubble Henkaku just created for you. It may be called something like “Molecular Shell”. Once it opens hit the select button and you’ll open an FTP server. Via your computer, open up FTP software (We recommend FileZilla) and connect to your Vita through the magic of wireless internet. Once you find some package files and emulators and roms you want to install, drop them into the folder known as ux0, head back to your Vita and select them in that folder to install.

Enjoy all sorts of classic games, games that were never playable on the Vita or tons of new homebrews. For more on Henkaku, visit!

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