PAX West attendees can score some pretty sweet SNES Classic posters!

Snes Classic Posters

Nintendo Reveals 3 Exclusive Posters to PAX West Attendees. Featuring SNES Classic titles!

Just ahead of the September 29 release of the SNES Classic edition. Fans can pick up some sweet merch! Featuring SNES Classic Posters!

Assuming you’re headed to the PAX West event that is.

The SNES Classic Edition finally hits stores on September 29. However, if you’re going to PAX West, you can expect to pick up a couple of really sweet new posters featuring games from the micro console!

Three posters have been shown. Each one featuring one of the nostalgic titles from the system. Included are The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World and the never before released game Starfox 2! Nintendo seems hell-bent on taunting us with the SNES Classic edition. Hopefully at least a few of us can get one this time. Despite claims by Nintendo saying that over 2 million NES Classics were sold last year, many fans are still a little sore over not being able to snag one.

This time though, the Big N claims it’s going to make plenty to meet demand. Although, with pre orders still selling out in seconds, that remains to be seen.

All of these would look pretty sweet on my retro gaming wall. Sadly, however, I won’t be attending the event. Which runs from This Friday, Septemeber 1 to Monday, September 4 in Seattle WA.

Maybe a fan can grab a few for me? 😀

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