Gaming Anniversaries November 6- Siren


Released November 6, 2003- Siren

Siren terrified the Japanese market on this day in 2003. For the Sony PlayStation 2.

Siren is a survival horror game like none you’ve ever played before.

The game takes place in a small Japanese town that’s been taken over by zombies known as Shibito by a Siren. The Shibito are bent on turning everyone else in the village into them. To that end, you will play as ten different characters. The goal is to learn the movements of the Shibito and rescue as many living people as you can. To that end, you are equipped with a special ability. “Sight Jacking” allowing you to see the point of view of other characters and even the Shibito themselves. Sadly, playable characters have very little life. So even one hit may kill you, Losing that character for good.

Additionally, you will also solve many different puzzles, some being character specific in order to get as far away as possible.

Siren is a truly terrifying experience. The game plays exactly like you’d expect while watching one of those crazy Japanese horror films. But this one is able to really grab you and pull you into the world. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t very well received due to the extreme difficulty level found in it. That didn’t stop many players from giving it the good old college try of course. The game has seen several sequels since its first release. Including Siren: Blood Curse in an episodic formation on the PlayStation 3.

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