Gaming Anniversaries June 19- Shinobi (Master System)

Released June 19, 1988- Shinobi

Shinobi shurikens its way to the Sega Master System from the Arcades in Japan on this day in 1988.


Shinobi is the story of a modern-day ninja named Joe Musashi, who must stop an evil empire known as Zeed. Zeed, has been kidnapping his ninja pupils, it’s up to Joe to rescue them and stop them from taking over!

Musashi has several weapons at his disposal. To defend himself, he can use kicks, punches, shurikens and even a special ninja magic that devastates all in its path. The Sega Master System version of the game changes things up a little from the arcade edition. In the SMS version, Musashi now has a health gauge. Additionally, rescuing the hostages is optional. However, you must rescue the hostages in order to unlock bonus stages and upgrades. Further, the game allows a hold of up to four of the special ninja magic skill.

The Master System version is greatly superior to the NES versions of the game, with this version being considered the best of them besides the arcade version.


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