Gaming Anniversaries November 7- Shenmue

Released November 7, 2000- Shenmue

Shenmue kicked into the North American market on this day in 2000′. For the Sega Dreamcast!

Shenmue is a bit of a hybrid of a video game. Incorporating elements from action, fighting, and even some role-playing games.

You play as Ryu, a young student who arrives home one day to discover his Father has been killed. By Lan Di. Ryu takes it upon himself to try to stop him, but he is being to within an inch of his life. Afterwards, once he recovers, he sets out to track him down once again. As well as uncover his families darkest secrets.

The game is played in a beautiful 3D environment. Ryu can basically go wherever he pleases. That said, the key to the game is talking to his friends and others in the town. Ryu will discover something entirely knew on occasion, however, a lot of the game regurgitates information at you. Making for a slightly tedious experience. nevertheless, it’s still an awesome play.

Shenmue was named the best game for the Sega Dreamcast on more than one occasion. Moreover, it received generally great praise from reviewers of the time. Sadly, although fans demanded it, it wasn’t heard from since. That is until Sony announced a Kickstarter to create a new Shenmue game just recently. Here’s hoping that turns out great!

So what do you think? Shenmue your jam or no? Let us know in the comments below!

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