SD2VITA is a “Game Changer” for the Greedy Gamer


Old news, but the SD2VITA adapter is a real game-changer for the PlayStation Vita

Proprietary memory cards are a favorite of Sony’s. The PlayStation Vita having been released in 2012 was certainly no exception. The Memory cards for the system were very small capacity, Having storage space of between just four and 64GB, players barely had a chance to download a handful of games before they ran out. Not to mention the cost of the memory cards back then was astronomical. A 4GB card ran almost $40 and a 32GB card would require players to have some deep pockets. The later released 64GB was unheard of for a long time and at the time I expected one would have to take out a loan to purchase one.

In comes some ingenious players that were frustrated by the proprietary low storage memory cards to make the SD2VITA adapter.

This device makes it easy to use MicroSD cards in any capacity to trick the system into believing you had major amounts of internal memory on your system. By using the PS Vita Game card slot instead of the memory slot. This sadly has the effect of not being able to use your cart-based games. However, the trade-off is well worth it.

You need to be running a jailbroken PlayStation Vita system in order to use it. However, even that process has been dumbed down from the lengthy and cumbersome process that was before and now only requires 2 downloads and an internet connection between the system and your PC. Afterward, a few plugins need to be installed and then you prepare your shiny new high capacity microSD card for use and pop it in the system to get as much storage as what’s available on your card.

So what does this mean? It means that the SD2VITA adapter has mounted your high-capacity SD card as internal memory and players are now unshackled by the expensive and proprietary memory cards.


Have you considered one of these $12 devices for your Vita System? Let us know below!

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