Gaming Anniversaries September 15- Romance of the Three Kingdoms II

Released September 15, 1991- Romance of the Three Kingdoms II.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms II hit the Japanese market on this date in 91′. For the Super Famicom!

The popular series of strategy games continues with the sequel to the first game, shortened as RTKII. In this one, Koei decided to make some changes. Removing some of the more disturbing content from the game. Such as people dying a slow and painful death due to disease. Additionally, Romance of the Three Kingdoms II no longer penalizes you for taking too long. Allowing the player to build their forces for the biggest attack possible, without worrying too much about how long it takes.

The game has players choose from one of six different scenarios to play through. Each one taking place in a different time period. Starting from Ancient China in the year AD 189 all the way to the year AD 220. PLayers will take on the role of different Chinese warlords. Making for an interesting and challenging gameplay experience. This game is sure to make players use as much of their brainpower as humanly possible.

In order to beat each scenario, The player is required to conquer all of China. There are some fierce armies out there. So this will surely not be an easy task.

What are your thoughts on these Koei produced strategy games? Let us know in the comments down below!

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