RetroReview: BlackJack Poker. ColecoVision Flashback

Welcome back to anther ColecoVision Flashback review. This time, BlackJack Poker.

This game actually required one of the overlays included with the ColecoVision Flashback, luckily it was labeled which one to use. Although it could be hard to miss. Fairly basic controls set up to be as true to life as it could be in 1982.

The game starts up with a very basic screen asking you to select either one for blackjack or 2 for poker on the standard remote. After which you can select how many players will be joining you. Up to 4 people can join in on the action! You then enter your bets and wait for the game while the dealer is throwing cards at you and asking what you want to do. All in all its a lot like playing real cards in your basement, except its on a vintage machine.

The music is cute and poppy, although there is very little of it. The dealer simply makes a weird pinging noise when he’s asking you if youd like to hit or fold etc. If you wait to make a decision, the game tells you what it thinks you should do, which again could be very helpful for first time players or those that may have forgotten the rules of the game.

BlackJack Poker is less of a fun game however, and may only appeal to those who want it in their collection for that purpose or to others who love gambling games.

I think this game is pretty basic, easy to play and may even teach people how to play the games. If you’re ever having a game in your basement or kitchen or whatever and someone asks to play but does’nt know how, sit them in front of this. at least they can pretend (?)

Moving on.

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