RetroReview: Artillery Duel. ColecoVision Flashback

Artillery Duel on ColecoVision could be the most basic two player “shooting game” ever made. Starting with the MS-Paint like graphics. Literally Artillery Duel could have been painted with MS-Paint and slapped on with random colors, save for it was released in 1983.

Artillery Duel by XONOX Inc is a sub-standard two player shooting game. Each player controls one of two artillery cannons with the objective being to get the direction of your shot just right so you land a hit on the other. Game play wise it feels OK, but the physics don’t really match up. (Why am I complaining about physics on a game from this era?).





There are three levels to choose from. Corporal, Captain and General. However, no matter what the player chooses the game play is always the same. At least seemingly. Its impossibly tough to land a hit on the enemy Artillery. Am I just not doing it right? Your shots are affected by a number of factors. How much wind resistance there may be at the time, the level in opposed to you on the screen where your opponent is stationed and how much debris or environmental obstructions are in the way.







It could be OK to some players, but for me this is a try once and probably stash away. There are far better alternatives to Artillery Duel out there, even some good ones for DOS, but the ColecoVision version just doesn’t hold up.

Its just not a good party game.

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