Renovations in the Game Room!

game room

DazedDaves Game room is getting a big upgrade.

Buying a house has its ups and downs, one of the big ups is that you can do whatever you like with it without fear of a landlord. Ok sometimes local building codes can dictate what you can do, but in my case, it’s all going well.

My wife and I bought a house a week before we got married in September 2017. It was a terrifying, exciting and huge step for us.

We chose a house built in 1977 because it was exactly what we were looking for. Something with a large backyard for our dog Wishbone, a few bedrooms, lots of space for storage, two bathrooms and of course, the perfect spot for a game room. However, the house needed a lot of work. Therefore, we set off almost immediately. The first thing we did was paint every room in the house, then we redecorated, again and again. Remodeled the bathroom and then, the next logical step was to build new front and back decks to enjoy our space and for safe entrance. Our kitchen needed an upgrade as well, so far there are new countertops and a splash of paint. It’s an ongoing project to be sure. However, with the big renovations on hold for a little while, I got to thinking about the game room.

Now it’s my turn to have some real fun.

The game room is located in the basement, at first look, it seems rather sizable. However, once chairs, TV’s, game systems and of course, copious amounts of shelving were in it, it started to look a lot more cramped. Next to the game room is a large storage room, sure we have a lot of stuff that needs storing, but we also have extra space for it. So I decided why not knock out those walls. Which I completed just yesterday. Its already made a world of difference.

The next task in the game room is to find new places for the paint cans, tables, microwaves and of course, old computers and hardware that I keep. Then, paint, flooring and reorganizing the room to fill this space as well.

I’ll keep you in the loop as this project progresses!

For now, have any cool ideas or things you like to do in your game rooms? Let us know in the comments down below!

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