Gaming Anniversaries October 14- Power Instinct

Released October 14, 1994- Power Instinct

Power Instinct punched into the Japanese market on this day in 94′. For the Sega Dreamcast!

Power Instinct is a 2D one vs one fighting game, that plays similarly to the Street Fighter series.

The game’s story tells of a tournament that must occur to determine who will lead the Gōketsuji clan as the 78-year leader has fallen ill. To that end, players will choose from one of 8 possible characters. Each one with their own unique moves and fighting styles.

Power Instinct is known for its humor and in the Japanese released version, including several modes, including a Karaoke mode, that will display the lyrics for the theme songs.

In North America, the game didn’t perform all that well. Several Modes and even win quotes have been removed the game. Making it nothing short of another fighting game clone. Additionally, reviews were on the low end. With many critics noting that nothing was actually wrong with the game, it was just very typical and added nothing new.

Playing Power Instinct feels pretty simple. Controls are basic and the graphics are very much what you’d expect.  Moreover, the game doesn’t add very much to its genre. That said, we still decided to give it a shout out for its anniversary.

Have you checked this one out? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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