Gaming Anniversaries September 29- Power Blade 2

Released September 29, 1992- Power Blade 2

Power Blade 2 struck the Japanese market on this day in 92′. For the Nintendo Famicom!

It’s Christmas Eve in the year 2200.

The Delta Foundation just finished building a Cyborg. Fighting Robots. They recognize that selling these units to a foreign country could mean the end of the US. Therefore, they attempt to sell it to the Department of Defense. To that end, they make an offer with the President to purchase them.

In consideration, they decide that it is too dangerous and sends another force to destroy them. NOVA. The government cannot be involved, as its too risky. This is the beginning of Power Blade 2.

Power Blade 2 takes place over 6 stages. You must run through them killing off enemies and avoid obstacles. In this one, unlike in Power Blade, the player can choose which stage to play. However, once the stage is chosen, it must be completed before moving onto another one. At the end of each stage, there is, of course, a boss to destroy. Further, the player must collect 4 different power suits to increase their abilities.

The game has a similar feel to the Mega Man games, however, although being pretty difficult, isn’t quite as hard as them.

Critical Reception

In my opinion, the game is quite good. Unfortunately though, back in 92, magazine critics didn’t hold it in high regard. EGM, in particular, gave it a passing grade of just 5.5/10. Pretty weak if I do say so myself. Still, Power Blade 2 is definitely worthy of a chance today.

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