Gaming Anniversaries July 15- Popeye

Released July 15, 1983- Popeye

Popeye won over Olive Oyl in the Japanese market on this day in 1983! For the Nintendo Famicom!

Popeye, the game known for being a close relative to Donkey Kong and Donkey JR. Actually released alongside those two games in 1983. Although they are largely similar.

Players fight to win over Olive Oyl by collecting the tokens of her love. She stands atop the screen and casts them down to him. You must collect the required number of items in order to progress in the game. Each level will become harder and harder until it becomes near impossible. Additionally, there are many obstacles in your way. Brutus will also wander across the screen in an effort to stop you! Birds and other things will attack you and each time you get hit, you lose a life.  Every level has Popeye collecting different items at different amounts and each one features a new design. Changing up the game is important.

It’s a fantastic game. It’s also a more uncommon game, often selling for about $20 online. If you can find a copy, let us know how far you got!

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