Gaming Anniversaries January 19- Policenauts


Released January 19, 1996- Policenauts

Policenauts launched into the Japanese market on this day in 1996. For the Sony PlayStation!

Policenauts is a science-fiction graphic adventure game. Written and directed by the renowned Hideo Kojima, known mostly for the Metal Gear series.

The game is set in a first-person perspective, with a  point and click style gameplay. Similar to Snatcher, another game by Kojima. Players can point and click on items in the environment to analyze them or talk to other characters in the game. Additionally, there are shooting segments in the game, as well as shooting range where players can practice their skills. Policenauts also features puzzles and even a bomb-diffuser section that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

In true Kojima fashion, The story of the game is a bit complex. Much like the story of Snatcher and of course, the entire Metal Gear series. In the distant future, Jonathan Ingram, along with five other “policenauts” (Astronauts with police training) are charged with defending first fully functional space colony known as “Beyond Coast”.

One day, Jonathan is trying out a new space suit, when suddenly he is sucked into the void and presumed dead. 25 years later, he returns, having not aged a second, yet being in his 50’s. Jonathan has somehow managed to achieve the impossible. Now, three years after his return, his working in Old L.A. when his ex-wife requests his assistance in finding her new husband, who has gone missing. He doesn’t want to take the case until when she leaves, she is killed. Now, in order to fulfill her final wish, he takes on the case and travels to “Beyond Coast” to be reunited with his former partner, and solve the case of the disappearance and the murder.

No English version?

If all of this sounds fabulous to you, I have some sad news. The game never released outside of Japan. Although originally announced for release on the Sega Saturn, programmers were unable to synchronize the text to the cutscenes, stalling progress. However, a fan translation was completed and released in 2016. Therefore, you can find it if you know where to look!

Policenauts received high praise and ultimately became one of the most wanted point and click adventure games ever. With reviewers saying it was even better than Snatcher and praising its music and gameplay.

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