Gaming Anniversaries April 30- Pokemon Stadium

Released on April 30, 1999- Pokemon Stadium

Released April 30, 1999, for the Nintendo 64 in Japan, Pokemon Stadium.

Pokemon Stadium was a Pokemon strategy game developed and released by Nintendo. First released in Japan in 1999 and later to other regions. The game was essentially a Battle mode addon to the original GameBoy titles.

Players could choose from a selection of characters available on the cartridge. Facing off in 80 battles separated into four tournaments.  Furthermore successfully completing every battle leads to a special bonus at the end of the game.

Pokemon Stadium came uniquely bundled with a “GameBoy Transfer Pak”.  Which allowed users to plug the Pak into their Nintendo 64 controllers and couple it with their copy of one of the original GameBoy games. Blue, Red as well as Yellow to use the Pokemon they’ve collected to play the game. Additionally, a multiplayer mode was available. Allowing players to face off against each other in battle using a transfer Pak and the original game Paks, or in-game Pokemon. Moreover, the game includes a quick select battle and the ability to simply rent the Pokemon you’d like to play as.

Pokemon Stadium quickly became a hot selling game for the Nintendo 64. As a result, a sequel was released entitled Pokemon Stadium 2 which allowed the use of the 1999 games, Gold, and Silver.



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