Gaming Anniversaries March 21- Pokemon Snap

Released March 21, 1999- Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap shot the Japanese market on this day in 199. For the Nintendo 64!

The iconic Pokemon series took several evolutions in the games over the years. Especially between the Gameboy and the Nintendo 64 systems! One the Nintendo Gameboy, we have your basic RPG’s, along with the Pokemon Pinball series. Meanwhile, on the N64, Pokemon was several different things. Starting with Pokemon Stadium, which added additional functionality to your Gameboy games, and ending with Pokemon Snap, which allowed players to take on a new role in the Pokemon Universe.

In Pokemon Snap, players are armed only with a camera. Your main goal is to “Catch” or photograph all 150 pokemon as they carry on with their daily life. making it all feel so much more real to a child in the 90’s

While the game seems incredibly basic, it’s actually quite a lot of fun. But there’s more. At Blockbuster locations, you could bring in your copy of Pokemon Snap, with all of it’s pictures, pay a small fee and visit a very oversized kiosk that will then PRINT you the pictures you took on the N64! Each picture is pretty small, but they came on a sheet of about 30 different pictures. Not unlike the way we take our SD cards to a kiosk to get photos printed now! Amazing right?

Even if you didn’t grow up playing it, and the kiosks are long since discarded, or just not available to use anymore, you can still have some fun with Pokemon Snap today. So give it a try!

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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