Tutorial: Step by Step guide to downloading Pokemon Go early if you are Canadian on iOS

Official Canadian release of Pokemon Go is coming soon, but if you just CANNOT wait…

The date is July 9th. Canadians all across the country are eagerly checking the app store to see if Pokemon Go is available yet on iOS. Sadly, it’s still not there. Whatever shall you do?! I’m here to tell you how you can go grab it right now and you only need a PC! Aren’t you lucky? Below is a step by step tutorial for downloading Pokemon Go and getting ahead of the game.

The Journey Begins

Step 1: Open iTunes on your PC or Mac computer and sign out of your iTunes account. You will then navigate the iTunes Store and scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see that there is an icon of a flag, click on it in order to change your country.

Step 2: Go ahead and change your country to the United States and then scroll back to the top of the page. Look under “Explore” and then select “App Store” and select “Get” on any free app that you happen to see.

Step 3: A box will then appear asking you to sign in to the iTunes Store. Select “Create New Apple ID” and make a new one. Remember this information and be sure the email is one you still have access to. On the Provide a Payment screen select “None”

Step 4: Get creative and find an address in the United States. If you have a relative or a friend living in the States maybe you will get lucky and they will let you use theirs. It’s always nice to have permission to use an address. Otherwise, you can Google a business and use that address to create the account.

Step 5: Select “Create Apple ID”

Step 6: Go check your email to verify your account if you have yet to do this. It needs to be verified before you will be able to use it.

Step 7: On your iPhone select “Settings” then scroll to “iTunes and App Store”. You will have to sign out of your Canadian Account and enter the shiny new American account you just made. You can freely use Pokemon Go with either one of the accounts, and they’re interchangeable on one phone. You will receive a prompt informing you that the Apple ID you entered is to be used for US purchases only and it will switch you to that store front.

Step 8: Search the App Store for Pokemon Go and download it. Go enjoy your new Pokemon Adventure fellow Canadians! 



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